Online Invoicing Software

Manage your invoicing with a professional and efficient system. Accepting multiple payment methods, offline and online, getting paid is no longer a system-fault concern. Daftra provides error-free invoicing, automated payment and vast functionality and integration with all transactions, so you can focus on your side of the business.

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Online Invoicing Software

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Easy Invoice creation

Focus on what matters with automation, ease and centralized space for all the invoice details that you can think of. Easily make selections from your database of clients to be invoiced, select the invoice items from pre-saved ones or use barcode, and save even more time with the functional “Copy & Paste” feature that allows you to move already saved records of your items from excel sheets into the invoice being created.

Easy Invoice creation
Comprehensive functionality, beyond good-looking

Comprehensive functionality, beyond good-looking

Get business-level utility by not only adding the items to be invoiced, but also integrating discounts, taxes, registering client deposits, adding fully customizable shipping details, auto-reminders, attaching documents in the invoice, payment terms and conditions and additional notes.
Integrate other Daftra business modules to manage clients to be invoiced, track invoiced products and services and the salesperson issuing the invoice.

Ready-made and Customizable

Invoices help you get paid, but they also represent you. Customize the invoice layout and custom invoice fields based on your needs and find ready-made invoice templates that you can customize or use as is. Once you settle on a preferrable design, set it as default or select from various other pre-saved templates while creating the invoice.

Ready-made and Customizable
Professional business Invoicing

Professional business Invoicing

Present your business and well-represent your brand with Daftra invoicing. Not only do you one-time add your logo and company details to the invoice, you also provide clients with every detail your business invoicing might require in one document with simple clicks and automation setup, anywhere, anytime.

Automated recurring invoices and payments

Adjust recurring invoice settings when you know your offering occurrences, set the first invoice date and interval and find the invoice automatically generated and sent to the selected client based on your choice of delivery method.

Automated recurring invoices and payments
 Faster payment with credit cards and online payments

Faster payment with credit cards and online payments

Worry less about getting paid when you offer your clients the ease of selecting from a number of integrated payment gateways including credit card payments and online payment. Make transactions easier and getting paid guaranteed. Mark invoices as paid, register payments on the go or add payments later at your convenience.

Easier Refunds Management

When you have your invoices and payments in one place, handling refunds is as easy as a click of a button. Simply select the invoice where you can make needed edits and choose how you wish to refund from multiple payment methods.

Easier Refunds Management
Advanced detailed reporting

Advanced detailed reporting

Get insights into your business’s performance and profitability through Invoicing reports including periodic profit and loss reports and track detailed sales transactions by item, client, salesperson, or periodically. Monitor and filter through your payments and profit from each sale.


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Find out why Daftra has been the choice of over 10,000 SMEs.

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Daftra support is equipped to meet your every inquiry, round the clock, to satisfaction.

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Daftra is hosted on secure servers, with 256-bit SSL encryption technology, so is your data in full, private, protected, with constant auto-backups for increased security.


Curated with personalization prioritized, create from scratch or find fully customizable templates, field entries, report filtering, customizable system colors and logo upload to maintain your brand.

and Advanced

Daftra user manuals are there to guide you, but you won’t feel lost without them. Easily navigate and use powerful features running in the back to provide you a seamless front.

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Our intuitive user interface, backed by automation, is dedicated to serving serious business owners who have no time to waste.

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Daftra is cloud-based, your business is never out of reach. Access and manage your business, anywhere, anytime, from any device, consistently updated and intact.

Lifetime Updates

Daftra is constantly growing to expand supporting you. Ongoing updates are included for free, whatever plan you select, forever.


All-in-one and accessible for your business in whatever size and budget. Replace a number of tools, with their effort of learning and fees by investing in one budget-friendly solution.