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Track revenues and expenditures on sales and purchases, know the profits and losses and monitor your projects’ periodic performance. Without needing an accountant, calculate different taxes that Daftra supports, and track customer payments through various payment methods (bank - check - cash - e-payment), paid and unpaid invoices, and installment payment dates. Get professional insights by activating general accounts and preparing journal entries and account reports including general ledger and income statement reports.

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Run your business finances with Daftra

Chart of Accounts & Journals Accounting
Cheque Cycle

Track incomes and expenses

Follow up income and imports through paid bills, and keep track of your work expenses that your employees issue, no receipts will be lost anymore, all you have to do is attach the receipt or invoice via scanning or photographing it on the mobile and add it as income or expense.

Manage and track sales
and purchases

All sales and purchases are carried out from within a single Dashboard. With a few simple clicks, track the latest sales and purchases and issue invoices for products and services and send them to your customers and suppliers or print them. You can also follow the paid and deferred invoices, installments and subscriptions, Dafra Inventory gets updated automatically after every purchase or sale.

Register expenses and track costs of different departments

Record, categorize and save expenses with the ability to link them to cost centers to monitor the volume of costs for accounts and company departments. View detailed reports on the total recorded expenses and filter the results according to the time period or category of the expense.

Add payments and track
invoices' due dates

Manage customer payments and save records and due dates of invoices, installments or subscriptions. Receive auto-reminders and alerts about payment due dates and overdue bills. Define more than one method of payment collection (cheque - bank - cash - online payment) and select a payment method for each client and the treasury or bank account associated.
Find a set of reports displaying customer payments and filtering according to periods (weekly - monthly - annually) or according to the different payment methods and the employee responsible for the collection.

Track sales, expenses, and payment collections by employees

With Daftra multi-user feature, you will be able to add more than one employee, customize their authorizations and permissions, and organize work between them. And through accounting reports and records of operations, manage and monitor the productivity and sales of each employee separately.

Avoid clutter with a complete log and history of operations

Take control with a comprehensive record of all operations that take place on invoices and bills, revenues, expenses, and branches, including adding, removing or modifications done by you or other authorized employees. View history in a simple timeline format according to employees or type and timing of transactions.

Calculate taxes and
issue tax reports

If your business requires, Daftra Accounting provides you with the option to add taxes to your bills on both services and sales, such as VAT and sales tax, and the ability to determine the name and rate for each tax. Issue complete reports on all taxes in your invoices and sales with a simple click of a button. Daftra supports many tax formulas that are compatible with the commercial laws of different countries of the world.

Manage automated and
manual journal entries

Transactions in various modules in Daftra are integrated and automatically reflect a journal entry in the system. Let Daftra accounting do the work or have the option to add manual journals according to your transactional and financial operations. View the journal’s log and track changes or updates on the journal. Assign the journal’s accounts directly to cost centers and easily track the auto journals’ sources.

Control finances
like a professional

You do not have to be a skilled accountant to manage your finances, Daftra provides you with a complete chart of accounts, including all the values of your balances from assets, inventory and customers. Operations are recorded automatically within the journal entries and migrated to the balances of their accounts. Get financial reports such as the general ledger, income statement, balance sheet for all financial transactions within your account.

Take complete charge of your liabilities and assets

Easily add your assets and set the depreciation cycle, the system calculates the assets’ depreciation automatically and views the transaction details and current assets’ value. Take control over the asset at the end of its life cycle and perform actions between re-evaluating, selling or totally writing off the asset.

Display professional, accurate reports

View detailed financial transactions within your account and extract statements of your company's financial position. Track journal reports, trial balance, periodic expenses and incomes reports. Stay informed with yearly balance sheets. Run various accounting reports including general ledger, income statement, cash and accrual profit and loss reports.

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Daftra is hosted on secure servers, with 256-bit SSL encryption technology, so is your data in full, private, protected, with constant auto-backups for increased security.


Curated with personalization prioritized, create from scratch or find fully customizable templates, field entries, report filtering, customizable system colors and logo upload to maintain your brand.

and Advanced

Daftra user manuals are there to guide you, but you won’t feel lost without them. Easily navigate and use powerful features running in the back to provide you a seamless front.

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Our intuitive user interface, backed by automation, is dedicated to serving serious business owners who have no time to waste.

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Daftra is cloud-based, your business is never out of reach. Access and manage your business, anywhere, anytime, from any device, consistently updated and intact.

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Daftra is constantly growing to expand supporting you. Ongoing updates are included for free, whatever plan you select, forever.


All-in-one and accessible for your business in whatever size and budget. Replace a number of tools, with their effort of learning and fees by investing in one budget-friendly solution.