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From invoicing and accounting activities to monitoring inventory, staff, and customer interactions. Get a clear image of your business performance through Daftra's easy-to-use and Arabic-supporting mobile apps.


Business Management

Invoicing. Sales. Accounting. HRM. Inventory. Operations. Reporting.


Sell online and offline. Supports barcode scanners. Synced with all modules.

Employees Attendance

Geographic location. IP address. Live photo capture.

Quick Expense Scanner app

Scan Invoices QR. Attach images and documents. Offline and Online.

E-invoice QR Code Reader application

Comply with the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority’s requirements.

Daftra application for Business management

  • Complete all of your business's tasks on a mobile phone rather than a PC by using the Daftra Business Management application.

  • Work from anywhere and at any time with Daftra’s cloud notebook system, which is ideal for over 50 different industries.

  • Have the freedom to tailor the system to your business cycle, resulting in a more effortless experience.

View the generated reports to get a complete picture of your business performance across all resources and sectors.

Daftra application for Business management

POS application from Daftra

  • Enjoy a unique experience of conducting sales operations from anywhere and without the need for internet connection.

  • Daftra POS app works in sync with the customer, inventory, and general accounts software.

  • Scan items using barcode scanners and create electronic invoices for each sale.

A POS app that is designed to sell continuously. Suitable for sales reps who need to be on the move to complete sales operations.

POS application from Daftra

ESS attendance application from Daftra

  • The Employee Self-Service application is a part of Daftra's HRM system. Synced with the attendance and payroll modules.

  • Monitor employees presence and let each employee remotely prove his presence through the application.

  • Use one or all of the attendance requirements: IP address, geographical location, or snapping a live photo.

The ESS app is professional and simple-to-use self-registration for remote employees of all levels.

ESS attendance application from Daftra
ESS attendance application from Daftra

Quick Expense Scanner app from Daftra

  • Daftra developed the Quick Expense Scanner app to help you manage your expenses more effectively and flexibly.

  • Record the expense on mobile by scanning the QR Code of the electronic invoice or entering the expense data manually.

  • Enter the tax on the expenses, attach photos and documents, and scan invoice data from a photo saved on your mobile phone.

The Quick Expense Scanner app is a part of the General Accounts software in Daftra system and it is automatically synced to your account.

Quick Expense Scanner app from Daftra
Quick Expense Scanner app from Daftra

Daftra E-invoice QR Code Reader application

The invoice reader app helps you comply with the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority’s billing system requirements. When you scan the QR code with the app, you will see the data required by the Authority, such as the business’s trade name, the merchant’s tax registration number, the time and date of the invoice creation, the total amount of the invoice, and the total value of the tax.

Daftra developed E-invoice QR Code Reader to help you check the data and verify its availability as required by ZATCA.

Daftra E-invoice QR Code Reader application

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