Recruitment Agencies Management Software

Daftra Program for Managing Recruitment Companies and Offices takes into account the smooth tracking of the workforce, clients, employees, external offices, and services together, in addition to assisting you in adjusting the accounting and financial aspects to achieve the highest levels of accuracy with minimal effort.

  • Workforce management and pricing.
  • Tracking labor recruitment requests.
  • Invoicing and estimates issuance.
  • Adding services.
  • Customer relationship management.
  • External office management.
  • Adjusting financial and accounting aspects.
  • Increasing employee efficiency.
  • Automated issuance of desired reports.
  • Free 14-day trial
  • No credit card needed
  • No Setup

Manage Workforce and Pricing

Add different types of labor such as domestic workers, drivers, or caregivers, and add all workers in each category you have. Specify the pricing rules applied to each worker, and allow your clients to book workers either through your employees or directly through the website provided to you by Daftra.

Record and track labor recruitment requests

Record comprehensive labor recruitment requests including budget, profession, religion, nationality, contract start and end dates, contract terms, previous work experience, and other details.

Track the status of recruitment requests and add the worker's resume and related transactions such as invoices or specific expenses. Keep track of the worker's schedule according to the required tasks, and send them to your employees or clients requesting this service via email or SMS.

Issue Invoices and Estimates

The cost of each worker's operation varies depending on the work period and the nature of the required tasks. With Daftra, you can easily issue approved invoices including the worker and services. Issue invoices periodically at times you specify to facilitate the process of renting labor repeatedly at fixed intervals.

You can also issue estimates and send them to the client for acceptance or rejection of the specified prices for the required services before starting the actual procedures.

Add Services to the System

It is easy to add each service, including all its details, regardless of the type of service, such as cleaning, household chores, cooking, security, and driving. Price each service to facilitate calculating the customer's invoice value based on the services or based on the pricing of the labor specified in the recruitment requests

Efficiency in Customer Relationship Management

Keep a comprehensive file for each client containing their data and the labor services previously provided by you, track the client's status, add appointments, and perform various actions such as sending resumes, contracting, and delivering labor. Allow clients to access the system if desired to track their appointments, view invoices, and make payments.

Add External Offices and Track them

Manage external offices responsible for supplying labor to you, one of the most important pillars of recruitment companies. Keep comprehensive files for each office, including supply operations and labor previously provided by them. Track your payments to them and their repayment installments. Additionally, to obtain the best price offers from offices, send requests for estimates for importing labor from them, receive the offers, and compare them.

Facilitate Managing Accounting and Financial Aspects

Manage accounts and finances to generate profits with Daftra. Automate most accounting operations accurately without burdening the accountant or responsible employee with many repetitive and tedious steps. Automatically create entries with a provided ready-to-use and adjustable chart of accounts. Calculate taxes and expenses incurred on management and labor within a system that compares your expenses and profits, your cost centers, and separates or integrates between different branch accounts, enabling you to know your gains accurately.

Encourage your employees to master their work

Add employees according to their organizational structure through the Human Resources Management Program for recruitment agencies. Assign job roles based on the permissions of each user. Within the system, add employee contracts and track attendance and leaves according to shifts. Allow the system to calculate the net salary based on them, relying on rules built on attendance compliance, professional efficiency, and adherence to the general rules you added on Daftra.

Issue accurate reports and generate more profits

Generate reports that you control their timing and content with the help of the system, allowing it to create them for you automatically in moments. Gain insight into your current company position and the projected trends for future periods with these reports, which positively impact your profits.

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