Real Estates Companies Management Software

Daftra's Real Estate Companies Management Software facilitates your operations of selling and renting residential units. It focuses on managing your finances and accounting operations by integrating system features to support all aspects of your company's work. It provides you with efficient management of customer relationships, employees, and assets, including residential units and others. It offers an instant variety of reports accessible from anywhere, keeping you updated at all times. System features include:

  • Accurate tracking of your company's accounts at all times.
  • Activating installment systems on invoices and using various payment systems.
  • Providing rental services to customers.
  • Maintaining customer records.
  • Professional management of employees.
  • Tracking assets and depreciation.
  • Issuing financial statements and reports
  • Free 14-day trial
  • No credit card needed
  • No Setup

Keep Track of your Company's Accounts at all Times

The system automatically records financial transactions as automated accounting entries, allocates them to the relevant cost centers, and transfers them to the chart of accounts. It also tracks sales, manages invoices, controls accounting periods, and optimizes customer accounts. Alongside the detailed reports provided by the system in each embedded application, help calculate profits based on total sales and investments per project.

Activate Installment Systems on Invoices and Offer Diverse Payment Options

Enable installment systems on customer invoices, specifying the installment amount and due date. Daftra calculates the installment repayment period and automatically reminds customers before the due date via email or SMS. This eliminates the need for manual tracking of installments, making it easier for both your employees and customers. The system facilitates online and offline payment systems to suit all customers, such as cash, bank transfer, Visa, or various online payment options, simplifying installment collection significantly.

Make Booking Rentals for Customers Easier

Register all available rental units and specify the amount required for monthly or daily rental periods. Simplify reserving the desired apartment or room automatically based on booking priorities or manually selecting them. You can also control and adjust prices during seasonal periods and events, as well as offer attractive deals during slow periods. Issue invoices related to rental operations, track payment status and receive additional expenses related to the rental process.

Maintain Customer Records

The behavior and preferences of each customer, along with their history of reservations or related issues, are crucial to effective customer relationship management. This facilitates sales, customer service, and marketing tasks for your employees, while also organizing appointment schedules for sales representatives and property inspections, ensuring timely unit handovers, and assigning staff to each client to enhance their satisfaction. Also, store contracts related to each customer's ownership or rental and retain their invoices, eliminating the need for paper documents when necessary.

Enable your Employees to Work Professionally and Meet Clients' Expectations

Roles with constant client interaction, such as sales and customer support, demand high levels of professionalism and efficiency, provided by Human Resources Management Software for real estate companies. This system helps schedule staff, implement bonuses and commissions, and manage penalties flexibly. It motivates employees in internal, administrative, and client management roles, with salaries based on performance evaluations. In addition, detailed reports aid in understanding employee performance patterns and levels.

Effectively Track Company Assets and Depreciation Settings

Registering your company's assets, such as real estate, doesn't stop after the initial entry. You need a system to reevaluate your assets dynamically, ensure timely maintenance operations, calculate depreciation, determine the optimal time to stop leasing a unit and consider selling it or renovating it, and other proactive measures.

Issue Financial Statements and Authoritative Reports

The annual or periodic basic financial statements won't require effort or time to prepare, as the system generates them automatically for you. As well as issuing a vast number of financial, and administrative reports, and tax declarations, making your work much easier and more accurate. Issue reports in your preferred manner using highly flexible and easy-to-use report templates, in a few minutes.

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