Printing Shops Management Software

Printing Management Software from Daftra is tailored to suit all aspects of your business and manufacturing activities, including adjusting accounting, financial, sales, and purchasing aspects, as well as managing printing orders and composite services based on multiple raw materials

  • Organize customer records.
  • Manage printing orders.
  • Manage invoices and installments.
  • Create multiple price lists.
  • Manage accounting and financial aspects and printer depreciation.
  • Add various services such as paper printing, banners, or business cards.
  • Monitor employees and define their permissions.
  • Issue various reports and easily calculate profits
  • Free 14-day trial
  • No credit card needed
  • No Setup

Organize Customer Records

Organize customer records. Classify records with categories of services or customers. Include all customer data in the customer file. Add appointments for customers. Specify the required action for each appointment. Schedule a personal meeting or a phone call to review printing projects and resolve customer issues

Manage Printing Orders

Specify all printing specifications in this order by adding printing commands, including the type of printing, the prints, their quantity, colors, printing order budget, and other technical and financial details. Attach all documents to the printing order such as invoices, expenses, scheduling arrangements, and project status control.

Manage Invoices and Installments

Issue electronic invoices and receipts with ease, incorporating barcodes, and perform various transactions on them, such as adding discounts, settlements, and shipping rates. Enable recurring invoices or allow customers to pay invoices in installments with specific payment deadlines set by you, automatically reminding the customer and creating them automatically. Manage invoices and installments seamlessly within this system.

Adjust Service Price Lists for Printing Services

Manage the number of your service price lists, varying printing services depending on the quantity required and the printing details and specifications. Consider that it may not be possible to add different variations for each of your services with different prices based on these details. Control the price of each service/product according to the customers and specifications required through price lists

Maintain Accounting Aspects and Calculate Printer Depreciations

Automatically, the system records entries and reflects them in the prepared chart of accounts for approval of your business activity, transferring them to the general ledger, and issuing the trial balance, then the financial statements and reports, without the need for you to create them from scratch. Register assets such as printers, calculate their depreciations, and reassess them, making cost and revenue management more enlightening for you.

Add your Services According to Clear Categories

Add printing services offered by your company, including details of each service, its price, applicable taxes, profit margin, minimum selling price, and other attributes. Categorize each type of service under a specific classification. Create a composite service or product consisting of some available raw materials, making it easier to rearrange raw material quantities in inventory once the composite product/service is sold.

Monitor your Employees and Define their Permissions

Add your employees through the human resource management software for printing and advertising companies, record their daily attendance and leaves, calculate vacations and absences, and apply deductions and bonuses. Specify the permissions of employees and allow each of them to perform only the tasks assigned to them on the schedule. Evaluate the performance of each employee and learn about their working hours and quality through reports.

Issue various reports and calculate your profits

Automatically generate financial reports and statements without the need to create them manually. Compare expenses with revenues and calculate profits, making the decision-making process easier regardless of the number of branches or the size of your printing business and its financial data.

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