Advertising and Marketing Agencies Management Software

Daftra’s advertising and marketing companies management software facilitates the process of tracking advertising campaigns and streamlines associated processes such as printing, digital campaigns, and designs. It provides comprehensive management for finance, accounts, clients, suppliers, and inventory.

  • Creating and tracking advertising and marketing orders.
  • Adding client files and monitoring their ongoing advertising campaigns.
  • Tracking suppliers across their various fields and managing your purchases.
  • Adjusting the system according to your advertising and marketing business cycle.
  • Providing price estimates to clients and facilitating negotiations.
  • Issuing electronic invoices and recurring invoices.
  • Managing advance payments, discounts, and installment payments on invoices.
  • Tracking your employees' work hours and allocating costs to your clients' advertising campaigns.
  • Allowing clients access to the system to monitor their campaign results, make payments, and request services.
  • Managing your advertising and marketing company's accounts.
  • Increasing your profits and easily generate reports and financial statements.
  • Free 14-day trial
  • No credit card needed
  • No Setup

Control Advertising and Marketing Orders

Add your advertising and marketing orders separately for each advertising campaign, and calculate the campaign budget including the action plan, designs, client requirements, and all files related to the campaign. You can also upload costs, revenues, invoices, and purchases to the campaign for easy matching of expenses with revenues.

Add Client Files and Track their Ongoing Advertising Campaigns

Maintain customer records and categorize them through tags to facilitate access to them and all transactions. Create schedules and procedures related to them and learn about the dates of previous advertising campaigns for the same client with you, to follow the best recommendations suitable for their activity and preferences.

Track Suppliers Across Different Fields and Manage your Purchases

Whether your suppliers are printing companies producing your various paper advertising materials such as flyers and brochures, advertising agencies, newspapers, or distributors of your advertisements and promotions, you can add their files and categorize them according to the nature of their activities and your interactions with them. Through the purchase cycle, you can control the purchasing process starting from purchase requests from various company departments to obtaining the best offer and approving it for conversion into a purchase invoice.

Adjust the System According to your Advertising and Marketing Business Cycle

Whether your advertising activity relies on combining printing and advertising operations or is based on independent advertising activities, you can manage the system and include it only for operational and financial procedures related to your business. This organization helps you maximize the return on investment (ROI) for your advertising company and improve tracking of costs and revenues.

Provide price quotations to customers

Advertising campaign prices vary depending on many variable factors, which emphasizes the importance of negotiating with customers to reach the most suitable price for both parties. Through Daftra, you can provide price quotations to customers for approval or rejection and initiate negotiations, facilitating the sales process and invoice issuance.

Issue Electronic and Recurring Invoices and Set up Advance Payments and Installments

Issue approved electronic invoices and adjust advance payments, discounts, and payment deadlines. Allow the customer to pay their installments in full or in successive installments. You can also issue automatic recurring invoices for ongoing projects and activate the installment feature on invoices.

Track your Employees' Work Hours and Allocate Costs to your Clients' Advertising Campaigns

By setting the hourly cost of each employee, whether they work full-time or freelance, and tracking each employee's work hours on each project, you can allocate these projects to different advertising campaigns. This makes tracking the net profit from each advertising campaign much easier.

Allow the Client to Access the Systems and Track their Campaign Results

By granting the client access to the system, they can view their advertising and promotional campaigns and monitor them, whether they are digital campaigns with specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that are easy to measure, or a set of printed materials and banners. The client can view their invoices, make payments, and request various advertising services.

Manage your Advertising and Marketing Company's Accounting

Handle cost centers, and daily entries, and automate many costly accounting processes. Add your assets and track their depreciation. Assist accountants in managing your business more efficiently or tracking it yourself without the need for many complexities and paper accounting records.

Streamlined Financial Reporting

Issuing financial statements no longer requires many preparatory steps to reach the desired format and comply with standards. Simply enter your transactions into the system to transfer them to the general ledger, adjust the trial balance, and automatically generate these reports and financial statements..

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