Work Orders

Project management

Create complete project work order files and register the assigning client, project budget, and responsible employee(s) and include all transactions, appointments and related documents in one place.

Budget calculation

Initially set project budget is automated within the system to deduct from invoices or expenses and displays a report of the exact spendings and remaining budget amount.

Centralized storage

Create invoices, estimates, payment credits, expenses, incomes, purchase invoices, inbound and outbound requisitions and time-tracked billable tasks, all under one project file.

Financial transactions

Transactions related to each project are linked to the work order file as well as automatically translated into expenditure and income.

Appointments Scheduling

Set appointments to meet with the work order assigning client, create follow-up reminders, discussion and delivery meetings and include them all within the project’s file.

Work order attachments

Add notes and related attachments and documents to each work order’s file so you never lose a project reference.

Custom layout

Build a work order entry screen that suits the nature of your industry and fits various types of projects by customizing your own layout and fields with an easy-to-use template builder.

Expense & profit tracking

Find complete finance tracking including start and end of project period balance, total income and total expenses, total budget and spent amount in real-time.

Custom fields

Customize the project’s fields to fit your needs by adding the information you need to be displayed in the work order template selecting from various placeholders available.

Custom actions & status list

Customize project stages, actions and procedures to fit each project’s workflow and keep track of the project status and where it stands.

Client notifications

Send auto-reminders by creating SMS or email notifications to be delivered to the client who assigned the work order and notify them of the project status and deadlines in real-time.

Profitability reports

Display a list of work orders and projects registered on your account and know their status and assigning client and easily track progress and profitability.


Booking reservations

Simply select the service, the assigned staff, allocate a time slot for the requesting client and mark as done when the service has been completed with the ease of CRM, services and employee integration.

Scheduling Management

The system automates booking slots, allocates time intervals for the booked appointments and prevents booking of them or overlapping between bookings and staff availability.

Service Customization

Create several service types based on your industry and customize their category, price and duration to be automatically allocated within booking requests upon selection.

Staff assignment

Assign a staff a permanent service to be in charge of upon client selection of that service or select any staff member while creating the booking request itself based on availability.

Shifts integration

Employees’ shifts in Daftra HRM are integrated with bookings to only allow shifts who have sufficient time and are available in that particular shift to accept booking assignments.

Online customer booking

Customers can make their own bookings online and request their desired services, their preferred time slot and staff member, they can also make online payments via their portal.

Convert to invoice

Convert the booking into an invoice with a click of a button; customers receive notifications on their end where they can fulfill an online payment that you can track.

SMS & Email Automation

Manage auto-reminders and create SMS or email reminder rules and ready templates to be sent out to customers or staff to remind them of booking appointments and payments.

Time Tracking

Billable hours

Record employees and teams’ hours spent per project, track their activity, define what they charge and the number of hours worked and invoice clients for them.

Employees hourly rates

Add each of your staff, team members and freelancers’ default hourly rates to be charged when one of them starts working on a certain project.

Project customization

Customize different project types to fit your needs and define custom employees’ hourly rates per specific projects to be billed instead of the default.

Activity customization

Define different activities and tasks in relation to each project to be selected in time tracking entries and used to filter between projects and teams.

Timesheet display

Display a calendar or a list view with teams’ registered time slots, track availability, and manage resources efficiently.

Time tracking entries

Use an on-screen timer to charge billable by simply selecting the project, activity and starting the clock.

Client invoicing

The system automatically calculates the fees based on the default hourly rate or the customized one per project. Easily turn billable time into a detailed invoice and send to the assigning client.


Generate periodic detailed time reports of your team members’ activity, hours spent and total payments charged and track time spent on a certain project or activity or per employee.