Organizational Structure

Dynamic Build

Create your own organizational structure from scratch making a one-time setup of your personnel levels of employments, departments and job roles.

Designation management

Maintain a database of designations and your workforce job titles in your organization to be incorporated into each employee’s profile.

Department management

Add departments in your organization, and assign a manager to be in charge of each department. Get a quick overview of each department’s employee count as well.

Employee level setup

Manage entry-levels, seniority and the managerial levels of your organization.

Employment Types

Manage different types of employment including fixed-term and flexible job contracts.

Contract Integration

Easily include each employee’s position in the organizational structure from designation, department, level and employment type in their contract.

Attendance Filtration

Filter attendance sheets by whole departments or certain designations and keep track of your teams’ performance efficiently.

Payrun Grouping

Generate payroll for a selected period per employee(s) or organizational role for entire departments or employees with the same designations for better monitoring.


Comprehensive contract creation

Create contracts to detail, select the employee’s designation and level from a database of your employees and organizational structure, manage probation, contract period and pay details.

Contract custom fields

Have a contract that’s completely tailored to your organization’s needs with custom fields, add needed data with placeholders and easy-to-use element builders.

Contracts notifications

Automate contract expiry notifications and renewal reminders and focus on the contract action needed to be taken.

Custom salary structures

Add custom earning components or deduction components into the contract, or create entire salary structures and easily incorporate them into the contract.

Contract attachments

Attach and save hard copies of the employees’ contracts, their personal photos, and other necessary documents for each contract.

Essential contract actions

Take action with a click of a button; supersede, terminate, renew or cancel contracts, follow up on contracts by real-time status and easily filter through them.

Advanced search & filtering

Active, terminated, expired, or pending, filter through contracts by their status, employee name, ID, and find advanced search with probation, start or creation date, designation and more.


Multiple attendance registration methods

With fingerprint machines or employees taking their own attendance through their portal, assigned staff logs in employees and ends their attendance day or by importing attendance sheets into the system.

Attendance days

View detailed attendance days information per employee including their Sign-in time, Sign-out time, total working hours per day, and attendance status according to their assigned shift.

Attendance sheets

Generate periodic attendance sheets per employee, department or designation with detailed attendance information, approve or deny them with a click of a button.

Attendance permissions

Employees can request their own permission to take absence of leaves or delay excuses as well as specify the permission duration and receive approval notifications.

Attendance restrictions

Manage remote workers by setting attendance restrictions by certain IP addresses, a certain location range, by taking employees’ photos on sign in and out or a combination of them.

Standard Shifts

Create different shifts in detail according to your operations, automate sign-in and sign-out times and when to start late time, and simply assign it in each employee’s profile.

Advanced Shifts

Manage employees’ shifts by the day as you have the ability to edit a shift’s information differently for each day in the same shift.


It’s feasible to assign a secondary shift in each employee’s profile based on the requirements of their job role and automate attendance accordingly.

Allocated Shifts

Create temporary shifts to be assigned for only a certain duration and simply go back to the original shift upon the end of the duration without making changes.

Holiday lists

Make a one-time setup of your corporation’s holiday list to be automated in employees’ attendance calculation.

Attendance flags

Flag over-time, a certain number of delays or more by customizing several attendance flags, setting their condition of occurrence or formula to be used as a new component in the system

Custom leave types

Customize leave types and set their maximum number of days allowed and maximum continuous days allowed and have employees make their own requests from set leave types.

Leave policies

Create a complete leave policy with selection from various customized leave types and assign it in each employee’s profile.

Fingerprint machine integration

Define your fingerprint machine, connect it to the system and automate attendance registration from it as employees sign in and out using it.

Payroll integration

Generating a pay run is easily validated by employees’ approved attendance logs with a click of a button and employees’ monthly wages are paid accordingly.

Attendance & Shifts reports

Track teams’ performance and generate detailed attendance reports, shift reports and attendance summaries by employee, day, week, month, year or department.


Dynamic salary components

Build earning and deduction components with full control setting their amount or formula to be executed and the condition statement using the system’s entire database of HRM placeholders.

Flexible Earnings

Use the basic earning component to determine each employee’s salary and create various earning components such as overtime, bonus, double-paid shifts, transportation and more.

Deductions control

Dynamic salary component allows you to create various deduction types to fit your policy including absence, delays, health insurance, different types of tax deductions and more.

Custom salary structures

Create tailored salary structures of preset earning and deduction components, customize them according to specific designations or departments and easily include them in employees’ contracts.

Attendance integration

Link payroll computation to attendance as you validate employees’ workdays, total working hours, delays and absences based on their registration with a click of a button.

Periodic pay run

Run payroll for selected periods to automatically extract employees’ detailed payslips or select certain branches, departments or employees.

Pay Run tracking

Follow up on employees’ wages, filter and track pay runs by their statuses from generated, approved and paid.

Individual payslips

Generate, view payslips with detailed amounts, components applied, attendance sheet and days details, approve and pay payslips per employee.

Different employee roles

Assign different employees’ authorities and set permissions to generate, approve or reject or pay wages according to their role.

Loaning System

Advance loans to your employees, offer them payment by installments and have the option of automatically deducting the loan from their monthly salary.

Sales commission computation

Automatically find your sales team’s earned commissions included within their payslip as their target is reached and the set commission is approved.

Payroll reports

Generate reports that display the total salaries paid and filter by employee, by month, by year, by department or branch or organizational structure.


Customizable request types

Create various request types to fit your organizational personnel needs and select each one’s icon to be referred to in a card view.

Request management permissions

Control who adds, views, approves or rejects and manages others’ requests from the request’s permissions as you set it up.

Better employee experience

Offer employees their own portal where they can make their requests themselves and easily follow up on their statuses.

Request attachments

Employees can attach documents for their seniors to view to back up their requests as they create one.

Real-time response

HR or assigned users can respond to employees’ requests by approving or rejecting them with a click of a button, the request’s status reflects instantly on the employee’s side.

HR dashboard quick access

Display pending requests with their employee and application date from a dedicated HR dashboard and take quick action.