Expense Management

Expense registry

Recording business expenses is to the detail; manage the expense amount, description, taxes, treasury, account, vendor, category and attach related receipts and documents.


Organize expenses by creating custom categories that fit the nature of where your money goes and easily assign it while registering the expense.

Recurring expenses

Automate recurring expenses by setting the frequency and end date while registering the expense.

Cost center(s) assignment

Manage and assign one or multiple cost centers to a single expense and register the percentage or amount that each cost center consumed.

Expense Multiple Accounts

An expense can have more than one source, better track expenses with multiple accounts. Register a single expense under more than one account and determine the amount for each.

Professional View & Print

Customize your own expense view with an easy-to-use template builder, add your company info, logo, signatures and more with a complete list of the system’s placeholders.

Real-time reporting

View both summarized or detailed expense reports by their category, vendor, staff or clients as well as reports segmented by period.

Chart of Accounts

Ready-made & automated

Assets, Revenue, Liabilities and Expenses are the four main accounts with ready-made sub-accounts under each where transactions are automatically registered where they belong.

Fully customizable

Change up the chart of accounts to fit your operations, edit existing accounts or create new accounts anywhere within the directory tree.

Comprehensive view

On clicking an account, view its debit or credit details, balance, system automated routing or manual routing, in addition to transaction(s) journal entry details and source within the account.

Complete directory

View the system’s accounts with a complete directory report, view all or filter through the accounts by type or by credit or debit filtering and more.

General Ledger

Track detailed account transactions with General Ledger reports, know their source, their credit or debit transaction and balance amount and the total amount.

Cost Centers

Cost Centers database

Create cost center(s), manage multiple cost centers by determining parent-child relations and display them in a tree view for simplicity and better navigation. View each cost center’s journal branch and detailed transactions.

Accounts tracking

Track accounts with and without cost centers and view all their related transactions when you filter by a certain cost center or account.

Cost centers assignment

Link a cost center or several to a journal account and allocate the designated percentage per cost center.

Automated & manual

Automate cost centers by assigning them to the account itself or assign them manually while submitting the transaction including registering incomes, expenses or journal transactions.

Cost centers reports

Stay informed on your expenses and revenue transactions with detailed cost center reports. Track allocated cost center’s spendings through expenses and your profit through income.

Cheque Cycle

Cheque Book Management

Add your bank name, cheque book number and currency and the first and last serial, the system automates cheque counts and you can easily track used cheques.

Payable Cheques

Issue the cheques you have paid by registering the amount, the issue and due date, the cheque number and the receiver’s account number and confirm cheque delivery.

Receivable Cheques

Manage the cheques you receive as well, add the amount, cheque number, the issuer and collector accounts.

Collection Confirmation

Confirm paid or received cheques as delivered and collected or reject receivables with a click of a button.

Assets Management

Fixed assets management

Add your fixed assets information, category and pricing details as well as salvage value and detailed depreciation settings.

Employee Assignment

Assign an employee to be in charge of the real asset lifetime and depreciation details while registering the asset.

Asset detailed report

View asset detailed report, history of transactions, asset operations and status whether “in service” or “written off”.

3 methods of Depreciation

Select from 3 GAAP compliant depreciation methods including Straight Line, Declining Balance and Units of Production.

Automated & manual depreciation

Choose to automate the depreciation or easily make manual depreciation entries as required.

Asset lifecycle management

Write-off assets, sell them or re-evaluate them to your benefit, all with a click of a button on the system.

Balance Sheet

Easily view your Balance Sheet, know your fixed and current assets’ total amount, track liquidity and measure your assets to your liabilities.