Product Management

Complete product database

Add and manage a complete database of your products. Register each item details including category and brand, pricing buy and sell rates details, discount and tax details and stock level.

Bundle Products

Easily automate bundles consisting of more than one item on the inventory system and find the bundle items’ stock automatically deducted upon consumption.

Product Tracking

Track available and out-of-stock items using their serial number, lot number, expiry date or a combination of them and easily filter items by their tracking type.

Barcode integration

Barcode is easily registered in each product’s profile or generated automatically so you can quickly find and sell products.

Price Lists

Specify one or more price lists in each product’s profile, specify the price in each price list and easily select the price list in the invoice to recall products’ different prices.

Unit customization

Create different measurement unit templates to fit your different kinds of products, register the unit in each product’s profile and determine its sell and buy rate and determine the exact quantity you wish to sell in invoices.

Stock level and transactions

Monitor inventory stock levels and display detailed products’ stock transactions by movement and timeline.

Re-stock reminders

Set a low stock threshold on each product’s profile and get notified of nearly out-of-stock items and reminders to refill your inventory.

Purchase Management

Purchase Invoices Management

Issue purchase invoices using a user-friendly screen, manage purchase details from items, quantity, unit price and taxes to registering deposits and discounts from suppliers.

Suppliers Integration

Select the supplier in the purchase invoice from a database of your suppliers, easily send them the invoice by email and pay them online or offline.

Purchase refunds

Likewise, purchase refunds are issued with a click of a button. Refund selected items as needed or the whole purchase and easily manage payments.

Purchase payments

Mark purchase as already paid to the supplier, or add the payment manually using Daftra payment online and offline payment options. Keep track of completed and unpaid purchases.

Purchase Statuses Customization

Customize your own purchase invoice statuses list. Assign a status to each invoice and keep track of purchases according to your own process.

Delivery & Payment Updates

Register purchases delivery and find the stock levels updated automatically with each purchase. Display delivery and payment status and filter through purchases by them.

Purchases & Refunds layout customization

Select from multiple ready-made templates and add your own customizations to the design with an easy-to-use template builder.

Supplier Management

Suppliers database

Add suppliers’ business details and manage a complete suppliers database and linkable purchase invoices.

Account Statement

Generate suppliers’ statements and get an overview of your transactions with them as well as their available balance.

Profile custom fields

Create custom fields in suppliers’ profiles to match the information you use the most.

Purchase invoices

Link purchases to suppliers by selecting them in the purchase invoice, send the invoice to them online and easily pay them online as well.

Opening balance

Manage your suppliers’ balance in their profiles and use it to automate purchase invoices payments when sufficient.

Detailed Reporting

Know your purchases and track your payments through suppliers’ purchases, payments, balance and account statement reports.

Requisition Management

Automated requisition

Automate inventory stock update of received quantities with automatic inbound requisitions as well as outbound requisitions for shipped products.

Manual inbound & outbound

Use the system flexibly to move from automation to manual inbound or outbound stock entries.

Quick Copy & Paste

Manage manual requisitions faster by copying the items and their quantities from an excel sheet and pasting in the system.

Manual stock transfer

Transfer stock from one warehouse to another and keep track of your current stock level after transfer in each warehouse.

Staff Permissions

Control staff permissions and distribute duties between issuing a requisition, to approving or rejecting it.

Search by requisition source

Filter and search through requisition entries by their sources from inbounds, outbounds, invoices, or purchases as well as by requisition and reference number.

Stock level reports

Monitor your inventory levels with stocktaking reports, compare real quantities, track stock shortages and overages; the system adjusts quantities creating inbound & outbound requisitions automatically.


Simple stocktaking

Perform stocktaking in simple steps as you easily register your physical stock count, the system compares the registered to the actual and generates accurate reports accordingly.

Flexible selection

Have the option between doing stocktaking for a certain product or multiple, or simply load all your database of products with one click and easily add or remove from them.

Save as draft

Stocktaking entries are auto-saved as a draft where you last stopped, continue where you left off in case of unexpected interruptions and avoid redundancy.

Accurate count reporting

The system automatically compares the physical count to that registered on the system and generates clear shortages or overages reports accordingly.

Automated adjustment

Maintain accuracy as you adjust stock overages or shortages with a click of a button, the system automatically creates inbound or outbound requisitions accordingly.