Ceramic Warehouse Management Software

Managing ceramic warehouses and trading requires highly efficient software due to the multitude of diverse and similar products, frequent purchases from suppliers, reliance on imports, the need for currency conversion, and accurate calculation of import costs. Additionally, maintaining customer loyalty and continually enticing them back through tailored programs based on their characteristics, ensuring employee efficiency, organizing inventory, and controlling accounting and finance are involved.

  • Controlled invoicing for ceramic sales units.
  • Arranging diverse ceramic products and facilitating warehouse operations.
  • Tracking your ceramic inventory by quantity or serial number.
  • Managing your purchases and securing the best ceramic prices.
  • Comprehensive customer database.
  • Shift scheduling and employee attendance management.
  • Enhance your accounting skills with Daftra.
  • More precise reports lead to higher profits.
  • Free 14-day trial
  • No credit card needed
  • No Setup

Control Invoicing by Ceramic Sales Units

Daftra's ceramic warehouse management software enables you to issue certified electronic invoices including QR Codes. Through the system, you can add multiple ceramic sales units such as meters, pieces, and cartons, with the ability to adjust transactions between them. Select the ceramic sales unit in the invoice to automatically calculate the selling price according to the quantity, along with various features available on invoices such as discount calculation, installment options, diverse tax calculations, and creating different price lists where the price of each product varies, such as wholesale ceramic sales lists and retail ceramic sales lists.

Organizing Various Ceramic Items and Facilitating Warehouse Operations

Divide your different ceramic products into categories you define, and keep complete data about the details of each product including design, shape, size, usage, available quantity, purchase price, and selling price based on the desired profit margin you input into the system. Set a minimum inventory level that alerts you when your inventory falls below it to avoid inventory depletion issues. Facilitates transfers between different warehouses and inventory auditing processes.

Track your Ceramic Inventory by Quantity or Serial Number

By assigning serial numbers to incoming ceramic shipments upon their arrival, you can track each shipment even after the sales process is complete. This is beneficial in case of any problems or inquiries at any stage of the purchase/storage/sales process. Additionally, you can track the quantities of ceramic items of each available type.

Manage your Purchases and Get the Best Price for Ceramics

Daftra features a complete purchasing cycle, which includes sending requests for quotations to suppliers, receiving various quotations from them, and comparing them to purchase at the best possible price. Additionally, it maintains a comprehensive database of suppliers, including all their data, enabling you to access your previous purchases from this supplier, as well as your payments and settlement payments.

Comprehensive Customers Database

Retain comprehensive details of each customer, including their contact information, facilitating sending SMS messages and marketing emails, or post-purchase follow-up to ensure the quality of ceramic products sold.

Additionally, the customer database assists you in tracking customer payments and installment payments if applicable, as well as identifying the most frequent purchasing customers and the best-selling products.

Managing Shifts and Employee Attendance

With the different shifts of your employees and their scheduled attendance times, employees are responsible for recording their attendance and leave times either through the fingerprint machine linked to the system or through various attendance markers such as geographic location or customer's personal photo. Based on the customer's leave, attendance, and absence, the system automatically calculates salaries according to what is stipulated in the salary terms, so bonuses are disbursed and deductions are made from the salary based on the employee's commitment.

Control the permissions of employees using Daftra where each of them has a functional role that includes some tasks available for the employee to monitor and perform, ensuring they cannot bypass them.

Enhance Your Accounting Skills with Daftra

Daftra streamlines the accounting process by eliminating the need for detailed repeated steps. The system assists you in automatically calculating entries, recording assets, and calculating their depreciation. It also provides a chart of accounts for ceramic warehouses and stores ready for use and customizable. This results in the automation of entry posting and the issuance of trial balances and financial statements.

More Accurate Reports...Higher Profits

Generate payment reports and invoice reports to understand how your funds are moving and what profits you have earned. Additionally, inventory reports, purchase reports, and reports on your ceramic products help you grasp the finer details of your business. Control the issuance of reports according to the desired times and the items you wish to include, and get a report in just a few minutes.

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