Auto Maintenance & Repair Management Software

Manage your Auto Maintenance centers with Daftra business management software. Invoice your clients for maintenance services, manage your inventory of products from oil, tires, spare parts and maintenance equipment, follow up on your customers after auto services and organize maintenance appointments with workers and car owners. Notify your customers of their repair work status and market for your new services and automotive products via automated emails and SMS.

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Manage your auto maintenance services’ finances

Manage all your center’s accounting and bookkeeping. Issue maintenance services and spare parts invoices and collect payments online. Track your total income and expenses and generate reports with your net profit.

Assign tasks to your staff and keep track of their performance

Add your staff members of automotive technicians and assign them different authorizations according to their job roles. Assign technicians and specialists to specific clients and specify their tasks. Track each employee's performance with advanced reporting.

Sell more with Barcode
integrated invoicing

Create a barcode for your spare parts and maintenance products and equipment and label them. Call items in invoices through dedicated barcode devices.

Keep track of your stock of products and auto spare parts

Generate advanced inventory reports including stocktaking and requisitions. Receive alerts with nearly out-of-stock products, and place a purchase order to refill your stock.

Manage a database of clients and their maintenance history

Maintain a list of all vehicle owners, their details, contact information and maintenance and repairs history. Set maintenance appointments by date and time and notify clients of them. Add notes and attach expense receipts in each client’s file and give them access to download them. Display your clients’ account statements, track their balance and payments.

Create maintenance work order files and customize their stages

Create a file for each maintenance order with all its actions and details. Add revenue and shipping expenses and define procedures and vehicle status according to each project stage. Determine maintenance costs and service fees and know your net profit.

Manage your center’s assets and adjust depreciation settings

Add the assets of your facility in terms of equipment, machinery and operating equipment. Calculate the depreciation of fixed and variable assets annually. Revalue or sell the asset at the end of the operating period.

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