Daftra is the first integrated and secure portal to manage your business or company online. Daftra cloud services work around the clock, ensuring a 99.9% presence on the network, as our secure servers are located in several countries and work in parallel to access your company's secure data as quickly as possible, from any location or device.

Daftra was created by Izam Web Solutions; a company that has been in the business of corporate management and a leading SaaS provider for over 12 years, has established various business management solutions for the Arab and foreign market and has headquarters in the United States and in Egypt.

From the totality of Izam’s experience, Daftra came out as a complete, integrated solution for business management in the Arab market, which hugely lacks such services.

Whatever the nature of your business, you will find that Daftra is fully equipped and customizable to suit the nature of your business and industry needs, starting from simple invoicing services to complex financial calculations, inventory, teams, customer management and follow-up.

All the features of Daftra have been specially designed to facilitate your business operations and to save you time and effort so that any user without prior experience in business management and accounting can use it to manage their business like a professional.

Daftra is fully dedicated to supporting systems, currencies and tax settings of Arab and foreign countries alike.

Our solution is a fulfillment of our vision; facilitating business management for companies in the Arab region, leaving them the opportunity to pursue their passion without bearing the intricacies of managing their businesses by themselves.

Izam Web Solutions

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