Hotel Management Software

Daftra’s hotel management software is comprehensive and integrated. It streamlines and enhances all aspects of your hotel operations. You can manage reservations with the unit and rental software, improve customer service with the customer relationship software, manage employees with the human resources software, and manage financial affairs and profits with the general accounting software. Daftra ensures an ideal experience in running your hotel.

  • Effective management of reservations.
  • Room classification according to preference.
  • Online store for booking online.
  • Automatic processing of accounts
  • Benefits of electronic billing.
  • Ideal experience for guests.
  • Periodic performance reports.
  • Free 14-day trial
  • No credit card needed
  • No Setup
Hotel Management Software

Rely on the rental application for effective management.

The unit and rental management application from Daftara offers you a variety of features and benefits that make it easy for you to rent hotel rooms. Define rental statuses so you can create reservation orders without overlap or conflict in booking dates, assign general pricing rules, and add custom seasonal prices for a specific period. Add setup and maintenance expenses for each room, and review performance reports regularly

Rely on the rental application for effective management.
Classify hotel units by area and location.

Classify hotel units by area and location.

The system gives you the freedom to define the units and their types according to your preference. You can specify the types of units that you rent, such as (single room, double room, suite), and accordingly add the units to each type, This way, you can easily manage the rental units with the classification features and have a more convenient experience in tracking the status of each unit separately.

Let your customers reserve online

Daftra’s system is equipped with a large set of features and benefits that make your hotel management easier and more effective. One of the most important features is the online booking feature through integration with the e-store application. This helps you increase your revenue by providing an electronic booking portal, as well as helps your customers make their reservations easily and conveniently, thus improving their experience with you.

Let your customers reserve online
An electronic billing system that meets your expectations

An electronic billing system that meets your expectations

Issue your E-Invoice according to the competent authorities’ requirements, and customize it with ready-made templates or your own design that matches your brand identity. Your E-Invoice will include the room reservation duration and price, as well as the discount and tax if applicable, based on the booking data of each guest. You can also offer your customers various payment methods, and send them automatic reminders of their reservation dates.

Improve your guests’ experience to ensure their loyalty

Manage all the operations related to the guests efficiently to make their experience more distinguished. Create a database of all the hotel guests, manage their payments and review the statements at any time. Stay in constant contact with them through the customer follow-up program, and earn their loyalty through the loyalty points program.

Improve your guests’ experience to ensure their loyalty
An automatic and easy-to-use general accounting program

An automatic and easy-to-use general accounting program

With the general accounting program, you can manage all the financial affairs of your hotel without the need for precise accounting knowledge. The system automatically records the daily entries as soon as any financial transaction is made, processes and directs the accounting operations correctly in the chart of accounts, calculates the depreciation rate of the assets, and issues various financial reports.

Form a clear vision through actual performance reports

Use the system reports to monitor the performance of your hotel, and find out the number of rooms booked and the most requested for booking. Track the remaining inventory of the essential products in the operation process and the ones that need to be constantly available in the rooms through the inventory reports. Review the financial reports regularly to form a clear vision about the profitability ratios and the growth rate.

Form a clear vision through actual performance reports

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