Trading and Supply Chain Management Software

Daftra's Business Trading and Supply Chain Management Software empowers you to seamlessly handle sales, purchases, customer relations, employee management, supplier interactions, and financial operations within a single integrated system. With its user-friendly interface, Daftra simplifies the process and supports both Arabic and English languages, ensuring accessibility and ease of use.

  • Add and track supply orders
  • Complete the purchasing cycle.
  • Facilitate financial and accounting transactions.
  • Easily manage enterprise customers.
  • Incentivize employees and calculate commissions.
  • Issue comprehensive electronic invoices including shipping expenses.
  • An integrated system for point of sale operates both online and offline.
  • Ease of issuing financial statements and accounting reports.
  • Free 14-day trial
  • No credit card needed
  • No Setup

Add and Track Supply Orders

Include various supply orders with detailed products, tracking numbers, and shipping addresses including GPS location, assigned representative, receipt date, and other relevant details. You can also set deadlines for supply orders, share them with customers, assign them to employees, and automatically repeat them periodically if necessary. Additionally, you can manage the status of supply orders, related procedures, and other details.

A Complete Purchase Cycle

Manage purchasing by adding purchase requests from all departments, then sending requests for estimates to suppliers and receiving estimates, and finally choosing the best one, ending with purchase invoices.

Maintain a comprehensive database of suppliers including all their data and previous orders supplied to you with the prices of each product in each order, making it easy for you to repeat orders from the same supplier based on the saved data you have.

Facilitate Financial and Accounting Transactions

Daftra efficiently manages financial and accounting processes. Discover a customizable chart of accounts readily available. Automatically create entries and post them, and issue trial balances, financial statements, and reports automatically, it eliminates the need for intervention except in specific cases, like manually adding an entry.

Add receipts, expenses, cash flows, bank accounts, and different payment methods, and link them to a specific treasury with a complete cycle of checks and other features.

Manage your Clients Easily

Create a file for each client, whether an individual or a company and include comprehensive client data within the file. Easily track the client through different statuses and efficiently schedule appointments, specifying actions such as contract signing, financial collection, or phone calls.

Send emails and SMS messages to clients from within the system. Customize certain permissions for clients, allowing them access to your account on the platform to follow up on what you permit them to.

Motivate your Employees and Calculate their Commissions

Add employees, and specify their shifts, roles, and the permissions available to them when interacting with the system. Calculate the attendance and absence of each employee based on certain parameters such as geographic location or capturing a photograph of the employee.

Automatically generate employee salaries, including calculated commissions based on their performance in sales operations. Additionally, Daftra allows you to define customizable rules that you may reward or deduct from an employee's salary as needed.

Issue Comprehensive E-Invoices Including Shipping Expenses

Daftra's user-friendly interface enables you to generate invoices within minutes, along with various features such as discounts, settlements, and taxes. It allows you to utilize different price lists, including wholesale and retail, where prices may vary.

Add shipping expenses while controlling the shipping price according to the shipping options you specify, which may vary depending on different areas.

Try Daftra's POS System for Businesses

The POS systems are available on the cloud-based platform and have a desktop version offline linked to the cloud version so that you can continue sales whether online or offline.

POS systems facilitate sales operations, making the process faster. They also organize sales sessions according to devices, shifts, and the employees responsible for sales operations.

Increase your Earnings with Daftra Reports

Financial statements and accounting reports are critical for understanding the direction of your businesses, requiring a high level of accuracy. Daftra automatically generates reports and statements for you once the desired period and report items are selected, based on the data stored in the system from all your operations. Daftra reports empower you to make more informed decisions.

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Daftra is hosted on secure servers, with 256-bit SSL encryption technology, so is your data in full, private, protected, with constant auto-backups for increased security.


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Daftra is constantly growing to expand supporting you. Ongoing updates are included for free, whatever plan you select, forever.


All-in-one and accessible for your business in whatever size and budget. Replace a number of tools, with their effort of learning and fees by investing in one budget-friendly solution.