Construction Companies Management Software

Manage construction companies efficiently with Daftra business management software, offering customizable systems to provide essential features. These include issuing invoices, calculating retention discounts, tracking various construction and maintenance projects, and organizing dealings with external parties such as suppliers and clients. Additionally, the software manages financial and accounting aspects in line with established contracting practices.

  • Issuing contractor invoices.
  • Calculating retention discount.
  • Adjusting various price lists for raw materials, products, and units.
  • Managing contracting projects.
  • Calculating labor costs based on time and allocating them to the project.
  • Comprehensive management specified for contracting accounting.
  • Maintaining inventory levels and reconciliations.
  • Managing clients and maintaining their loyalty.
  • Enhancing the efficiency of engineers and workers and tracking their performance.
  • Easily generating required reports and financial statements.
  • Free 14-day trial
  • No credit card needed
  • No Setup

Issuing Contractor Invoices and Calculating Retention Discount

Generate contractor invoices either in installments or as a lump sum, clearly indicating any retention discounts applied to the invoice items. These discounts are calculated based on the total items after tax calculation. All invoices generated through our system are certified by both the Zakat, Tax, and Customs Authority, as well as the Tax Authority. Create quotations and send them to customers for price negotiation or acceptance of the provided offer.

Constructions’ Price List

Add more than one price for the same unit of the product, depending on the size of the project and what you have agreed upon with the client. Maintain variable price lists suitable for different material quantities, as some materials in contracting may vary in price based on volume or area

Add and Manage Various Projects

Add different contracting projects including the site address, map, engineering plan, and site photo. Specify a budget for each project and attach project details, whether it is development, construction, or maintenance. Determine the property activity, its name, the number of units, and the area. Enter the details of each property if it is within the project if desired. Review project reports to understand the profitability and cost of each contracting project separately. Download all documents and files related to this project.

Calculate Labor Costs Based on Time and Allocate them to the Project

Calculate the working hours of each engineer and worker you have and determine the hourly rate for each employee. Based on this, you can calculate labor costs based on time and allocate them to the project's expenses. Review reports for each project or activity to understand the working hours of each employee and their associated costs, as well as reports on the labor costs of the project.

Prepared Accounting System for Contracting Activities

Daftra's chart of accounts is tailored to suit the contracting field, allowing you to work on it directly. Modify the chart, add accounts, change labels, or redirect accounts to adjust the system according to the desired working method, as well as to control financial statements and reports. Add a cost center tree and assign these centers to accounts, entries, or projects to match profits with expenses. Add assets with their depreciation calculated, and expenses and revenues can be easily added and adjusted.

Complete and Flexible Purchasing Cycle

Create a complete purchasing cycle comprising several steps, from purchase requisitions to ordering goods from the most suitable suppliers in terms of prices, product quality, and other criteria. There is a simpler version that only relies on issuing purchase invoices.

Maintain Inventory Levels and Perform Inventory Reconciliations

Maintain organized warehouses and product inventory, tracking quantities accurately. Implement controls over the issuance and addition of raw materials and products through required inventory vouchers, subject to approval by the assigned storekeeper.

Receive timely notifications if inventory levels fall below your predefined minimum threshold, guaranteeing consistent management of your raw material inventory levels. Compare the actual quantities of products with the quantities recorded in the system through inventory reconciliation which will assist you in managing inventory shortages.

Manage Customers and Maintain their Loyalty

Maintain a comprehensive customer database including contact details and personal information, for use in promotional purposes such as sending SMS messages, marketing emails, or updates related to their projects with you. Implement loyalty programs to ensure continuous customer retention. Provide your clients access to the system to track their invoices and statements and make online payments themselves.

Enhance the Efficiency of Engineers and Workers and Track their Performance

Add your employees including engineers and workers and track their attendance and absence through specific indicators such as geographical location or by capturing a personal photo of the employee to confirm their presence on site.

Manage attendance and adjust salaries and issue them according to the performance and commitment of each employee, as the system deducts from or adds bonuses based on flexible attendance rules and salary items. Seamlessly manage human resource allocation by assigning tasks to each employee and specifying assigned engineers for each project.

Generate More Enlightening Reports

Issue monthly and yearly reports to understand the costs and profitability of your projects. Easily produce all financial statements by controlling the display period and items you want to show, helping you make data-driven decisions.

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